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SP Dressage


Head trainer Stacey Porter is a USDF bronze and silver medal recipient.

She is proud to offer quality dressage instruction and training for all ages and abilities in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  If you put your horse first and work hard, Stacey would love to have you as a client.



SP Dressage can help you achieve your goals.

Many SP Dressage clients show successfully at local, regional, and national horse shows, from training level through FEI. Others don't show at all, but want to learn to have a better connection with their horses. Whatever your goals, SP Dressage can work with you to meet them. 




"I grew up eventing, but dressage has always been a challenge for me. I never thought truly good dressage work was attainable. Stacey has shown me that real improvement is possible. The challenge of dressage has completely changed my riding goals - I now plan to dedicate my time in the saddle to this discipline.  I can't thank Stacey enough for her help and guidance!"


"Stacey has been an incredible asset to my “team”. She was able to poke holes in my training, quickly identify the gaps, and effectively communicate exercises that would improve our work. I ride a super laid-back TB and appreciate that Stacey never makes us feel like anything is out of reach. What is especially exciting is that we are seeing real progress. My horse is happy, in the best shape he has ever been, and I am grateful to Stacey for being a big part of our progress."


"I’ve been working with Stacey on building Cutter's confidence and really getting some solid fundamentals in place so he can develop and learn new things in the right way. Stacey’s common-sense approach to horsemanship helps both Cutter and I push ourselves in a responsible, measured way and learn something new with each lesson!"


"I hadn't owned or ridden a horse in 20 years, and my confidence issues were causing many problems that kept me from moving forward. My goal is to compete in the 2ft hunter division. Dressage with Stacey has helped so much to improve our jumping."


"Since we have been working with Stacey over these past few years, and adding some dressage fundamentals into our training I have seen a great improvement in Manhattan’s adjustability, balance, suppleness, transitions, and jumping form."  

Katelyn & Willow

“I had a bad fall off of Willow shortly after I bought her, and it really shook my confidence. As we’ve been getting back into regular lessons, Stacey has been great to work with. She provides clear instruction, and I can already see improvements with my riding and Willow under saddle. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Willow and me, as we progress under Stacey’s training.”

Alison & Sam

 "I have been fortunate enough to ride and train with Stacey for several years. I discovered that dressage is a favorite discipline of mine through her guidance. I appreciate that her top concern is always for her rider’s and horse’s well-being, working through issues in a way that makes sense to both. Her instruction has allowed me to progress in my riding and training skills which are not only beneficial to me but also to the horses and students that I work with daily." 

Ally & Lockport

"Since we’ve started working with Stacey, I’ve seen a tremendous change in Lockport’s work ethic and attitude. He’s overall become a much happier, confident horse and he looks for more guidance in whatever I ask him to do.  He is slowly becoming a much softer, willing horse which is a big deal for him. His condition continues to get better every day. Stacey always makes everything easy to understand for both horse and rider allowing us to work together."

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