Featured Clients


Alison (she/her) and her paint/draft cross gelding, Sam, are working on overall responsiveness to increase his confidence outside of the arena. Sam and Alison enjoy trying a variety of different activities such as trail obstacle challenges and mounted shooting. 

Alison also owns Jewel, a 22-year-old paint mare. Alison and Jewel are working on forming a stronger connection. 


Alison Bender


Tracey Davis

After dabbling in a bit of everything, Tracey (she/her) and her 10-year-old Irish sport horse, Celtic Cruise, are currently focusing on the art of dressage. They are hoping to move up to third level and earn their bronze medal in the near future. Carrigbeg Cash Bonus, a 6-year-old Irish sport horse, is currently beginning his dressage education. Tracey has an eye on the future with him!


Sarah Dawson

Sarah (she/her) and her horse, Grady, an 18.2hh draft cross gelding, are former eventers who are making the transition to the world of dressage. 


Katelyn DeWitt

Katelyn (she/her) owns Willow, an 8-year-old OTTB mare. In their time together, Katelyn and Willow have developed a wonderful partnership and are currently working on quality gaits and transitions at training level, with the hopes of working through the levels of dressage and continuing to grow their relationship.

Kelly O'Leary Winkle

Kelly (she/her) and her thoroughbred, Gryphon, are currently working at training level.


Alyssa Musumeci

Alyssa (she/her) and her young KWPN mare, Jolie Étoile (“Jolie”), are making the transition from the jumpers to dressage.  Alyssa also owns a large pony, London Fog (“Nova”), whom she has primarily evented and shown in the jumpers.

Lyndsay Poole

Lyndsay's (she/her) horse, Celtic Forte, is a 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse.  He excels at jumping and they are currently competing at the preliminary level in eventing.  


Laura Rakoczy

Laura (she/her) and her thoroughbred, Soul, recently moved up to first level. 

Allyson Wilk

Ally (she/her) and her 9-year-old OTTB gelding Lockport are hoping to graduate up to Novice level eventing this year.